A JGP é uma tradicional gestora de recursos e de patrimônio brasileira com escritórios no Rio de Janeiro e em São Paulo. Nosso compromisso de longo prazo é aliar retornos consistentes com o gerenciamento de risco ativo, visando preservar o capital investido por nossos investidores.

Asset Management

Real Estate

Management Team with 30 years of experience in leadership positions in major real estate companies

Management of portfolios composed of diversified and high-quality real estate assets, seeking consistent and long-term returns based on robust processes of compliance, governance and diligence.

Positioning in the main verticals of the segment: Transactional Funds, Income Funds, and Development Funds.

Our Advantages

Our management team has an in-depth understanding of real estate operation, having experienced cycles of success while managing some of the major companies in the market. Additionally, we have very disciplined processes for investment decision-making and asset diligence to ensure that we are always conducting a comprehensive and transparent risk analysis of the operation.

Thus, by combining the management team’s real estate expertise, a diversified and high-quality asset portfolio, and robust compliance processes, governance, and diligence, we believe that we will not only deliver consistent and long-term returns but also fulfill our commitments to the market and investors..


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