A JGP é uma tradicional gestora de recursos e de patrimônio brasileira com escritórios no Rio de Janeiro e em São Paulo. Nosso compromisso de longo prazo é aliar retornos consistentes com o gerenciamento de risco ativo, visando preservar o capital investido por nossos investidores.

Portfolio Solutions

Expertise em soluções para construção de portfólios estratégicos, ajudando as entidades em seu processo decisório

JGP’s Portfolio Solutions area is specialized in providing financial and regulatory consultancy and portfolio management services to the institutional segment, through customized mandates. We seek to help optimize pension’s asset allocation. We have a dedicated team for monitoring local Fund’s industry and a team of excellence in macroeconomic analysis, equities, private credit, and real estate.

In addition, we consider that having robust risk control in our clients’ portfolios is essential. The return of any benefit in favor of clients has been one of our pillars since the company was founded. Our services include the technological tools necessary to meet the specific needs of each client.




Professionals from the institutional sector, who have worked in senior positions in relevant pension funds in Brazil


Inputs from our experienced investment and analysis teams to contribute to penions’ macro-allocation.


Extensive know-how in asset classes and managers’ selection with a consolidated investment process from our Wealth Management business unit, which has 15 years track record.


Proprietary technological infrastructure with extensive capacity to produce personalized reports


Transfer of market and intelligence information to our clients, through interactions with JGP’s management team


Robust risk control and framework processes, tested over our 25 years of activity to meet the demands of pension funds (Entidades Fechadas de Previdência Complementar – EFPC). We have an officer dedicated to the segment to meet the clients’ demands in order to comply with regulatory requirements.

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