A JGP é uma tradicional gestora de recursos e de patrimônio brasileira com escritórios no Rio de Janeiro e em São Paulo. Nosso compromisso de longo prazo é aliar retornos consistentes com o gerenciamento de risco ativo, visando preservar o capital investido por nossos investidores.

Asset Management

About us

Twenty-five years combining
experience and innovation

We are a leading independent asset management with 25 years of investment experience in Brazil and abroad.

Since its inception our company has been striving for excellence in asset management, combining experience with modern practices/technologies to manage and evaluate assets.

For all investment funds and strategies that we offer: multi-strategy, public equities, private credit, and real estate, we seek to achieve consistent risk-adjusted investment returns. Our Investment Team uses disciplined investment processes and strict risk control methods to achieve this goal across our range of products. Additionally, the investment decisions regarding all our assets under management follow a Responsible Investment Policy, which considers the current and potential impact of invested companies on society and the environment.